Solution Focused Therapy


Solution Focused Therapy

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Change after only one session

Solution focused brief therapy (SFBT) is a short term goal-focused therapeutic approach which focuses on helping the individual change by constructing solutions rather than investigating problems. Articulating what the impact of positive changes will be like on their lives is often more important than understanding what led to the problem. Everyone has the ability to change; the solutions are often already present in the individual’s life which is the basis for ongoing change.

SFBT concentrates on helping individuals change by relating to how change happens rather than how problems develop. The details and causes of the problems are not necessary to finding the solution. The individual can envision a clear and detailed picture of how it will be when things are better which creates hope and expectation, making the solution more practical and realistic. Focusing on the future, it majors on the elaboration and the establishment of clear goals. Goals direct the therapy and keep it focused and brief. Then individuals’ strengths and resources are concentrated on as a way of helping the individual to recognise how to use their resources to bring about change.

Solution focused brief therapists don’t set out to artificially limit the number of sessions. The focus is not on limiting sessions or time, but rather helping the individual set goals and develop strategies to reach identified goals.

Focussing on goals and how to practically achieve them by not getting caught up with discussing the past tends to make the therapy briefer. SFBT always endeavours to provide individuals with the most effective treatment in the most time efficient manner possible so that individuals can get on with living their lives.

A number of studies have been conducted which demonstrate the effectiveness of SFBT. A recent paper reviewed 15 controlled studies of solution focused brief therapy which employed “objective” measures of outcome and concluded that 13 of these showed the approach achieved successful client outcomes. (Gingerich,W. J. & Eisengart, S. (1999). Solution-focused brief therapy: A review of the outcome research. Paper presented at the meeting of the International Family Therapy Association Akron, Ohio, April 1999.)

Why choose the London Counselling Centre?

  • Fully trained & Registered psychologist with the Health Care Professions Council
  • Every session is tailored for you (We use a combination of NLP, Hypnotherapy, CBT & Solution focused therapy to get the best results)
  • Every Session is solution focused (For simple issues like phobia’s you will only need one visit, however for more complex issues like depression you may need up to six sessions. I am not a psychologist that requires you come for years and this will be agreed before or on the first visit)

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