Hypnotherapy for Infertility

Hypnotherapy for Infertility

I have trained at Harvard University in the mind body program for women undergoing infertility treatments and the emotional distress of infertlity

At the London Hypnotherapy Centre, Lauretta Wilson our Hypnotherapy for Infertility  Expert can help you with Infertility. From the moment we hit adolescence we begin to learn about reproduction, and not just the how, but also the why. We are taught about the worth and sense of fulfilment that can come hand in hand with having a family, so naturally we grow up believing that when the time comes for us to create our own children, we expect it will happen.

Feeling that your body is suddenly working against you can be a very painful realisation: feeling out of control and not able to fullfill what is a basic need that seems so easy for everyone else is one of the most difficult and misunderstood emotional periods you can go through. People around you tend to not understand: they don’t know how to respond to you or what advice to give.


I have experienced infertility
Infertility is a difficulty in conceiving for over 12 months despite having regular unprotected sex. Most couples will conceive before 12 months.

Infertility statistics
According to NHS statistics, about one in six or seven couples may experience difficulties when trying to conceive, which means that around 3,500,000 are affected by the condition in UK.

However, whilst the number of individuals who experience problems is high, only 5% of the above figure are actually infertile. Statistics show that for every 100 couples attempting to fall pregnant naturally by having regular unprotected sex:

  • 20 will fall pregnant within one month
  • 70 will fall pregnant within six months
  • 85 will fall pregnant within one year
  • 90 will fall pregnant within 18 months
  • 95 will fall pregnant within two years

*These values are cumulative

Although the statistics are encouraging, and increasingly better investigations and treatment mean that many individuals are able to overcome their fertility issues, for others, infertility often leads to isolation, loneliness and unfortunately a breakdown in relationships.

Infertility causes
There is no one definitive factor which causes infertility. According to the NHS, approximately one third of fertility problems are due to issues with the female, one third are down to problems with the male, and in up to 23% of circumstances doctors are unable to pinpoint a cause: unexplained infertility.

There are many varied reasons for women and men not being able to conceive naturally. As well as medical conditions, age, stress, weight can have a significant impact on your success. Chances are you have already been trying for some time and/or you have had all the necessary tests to help you understand why this part of your life is not working. You may even have decided to try IVF.

My personal and professional experience of infertility is guaranteed to help you manage better. I have trained in Boston with Dr Domar, the founder of the mind body program. I used this program myself and I conceived in that cycle. I have the necessary training in the latest research involving the mind and body relationship and women going through IVF. There are only handful of therapists who have received this training and I don’t think there are any who have experienced infertility themselves.

I understand the emotional and physical pain of not being able to conceive and I can help you with techniques that are positive and rewarding for you and your partner.

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