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*Phobia testimonials

I can not even begin to thank you enough for your help in curing my dog phobia. I feel like I have a new lease of life. I went to the heath on Sunday and a dog came up to my leg, though I did feel slightly nervous, I was still able to stand there. When I got back in the car I cried from relief as I didnt realise how severely my phobia had been affecting my life. I used to be tense all day for fear of seeing a loose dog and now I am able to leave the house totally relaxed and at ease…. Nomi

Ive just looked at a picture of a snake…I dint like it but im not scarde! Its amazing lauret!. Thank you. hermoine

I had a good, yes, good flight! I am shocked! I enjoyed it! I never thought this would be possible. The world is now mine to travel. Ross

Hello Lauretta- I wanted you to know that Katie’s choking phobia has pretty much gone– just thought you would like to know she ate as soon as she left you and has overcome this..in 1 hour..regards victoria

Hi lauret I managed a 6 hour flight with no anxiety: ill be referring people to you: what you do is extraordinary

Lauretta I just wanted to say thanks so much for curing Kim of her dog phobia. I must admit I was very sceptical as to whether this would work. This is going to change our lives forever and we can enjoy so many things. She actually stroked a dog today which was amazing. before this treatment she wouldnt even go 100 metres within a dog. Thanks so much. I wish you every success. Stan

We went to a park after seeing you and George patted at least 5 dogs! I didnt think this would work but it has! He keeps expecting to be afraid but isnt! his confidence has grown too! I didnt think this wold work but it has. Thank you lauretta Wilson. Charlotte


Hi Lauretta

I’m writing this email 30,000ft up, 20 mins before the plane is due to land in Spain.

The flight has been great. I had a bit of a wobble at home this morning but I think that was more to do with having to wake up at 3.30am than actual nerves.

I was chatty in the car to the airport and even had breakfast when we arrived there. My husband noticed I was definitely behaving differently yesterday and my sister (who I’m travelling with) says I’m looking calm today!

It’s strange to be feeling so normal but it’s a lot more enjoyable!! I hope the journey home on Tuesday night is just as good.

And I hope it doesn’t wear off for future flights!

Thank you 🙂


Hi Lauretta,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for curing Kimberly of her phobia of dogs. I must admit I was sceptical as to whether this would work, but things got desperate when her fear nearly ended up with a serious incident. This is going to change our lives so much and way we can enjoy things. She actually stroked a dog today which was amazing. Before the treatment she wouldn’t even go within a 100 metres of a dog.

Thanks so much. I wish you every success in 2014.

Speak soon, Stan

P.S. Happy if you wish to use the above as a testimony on your website.

Hi Lauretta,

Nice to meet you too.

So first of all, I managed to use the tube yesterday for the first time in two years. I was surprised at how well I got on with it. I still had some anxiety, as well as a degree of anxiety on thinking of using it, but I could be more rational with my thoughts. Also, when I began to feel anxious, I pictured my calm place (the Heath, with the raven) and it seemed to help.

I’ve already been to Battersea Park this morning (as I no longer live near the Heath) and tried to find parts where I felt happy and calm. I intend on going there daily for the coming week and using the thumb and index finger thing.

I’m also planning to use the Tube daily, as well as listening to your recording.

Considering how good it was yesterday (though still tainted by some anxiety) I’m very interested (and optimistic) to see where I’ll be by the end of the week.

I’ll message again next weekend with an update.

Thanks so much. If this continues to improve then you’ve effectively re-opened London to me, and made my life infinitely easier.


Hi Lauretta,

please see below:

After losing my way due to becoming continually caught up in the stresses and anxieties of life, I am very grateful to Lauretta for helping me to relax and see more clearly their causes, whilst also providing insight and solutions to overcome my own struggles. I found her approach to be particularly effective, and saw progress after the first session. I would highly recommend contacting her if you are struggling with your own stress and anxiety. Richard, London

I hope this helps.



Hi lauret

After just one session I was able to make decisions that moved me forward in ways I never thought. I felt a real heavy weight off my me and really clear in my head. Thanks lauretta

Dear lauretta
Thank you so much.. I’ve got my life back! I can’t believe what a difference it has made, in normal again!

I still have the thoughts, obviously I’d been behaving in this way for months so realise my brain is re training. But I no longer have to act on those thoughts, neither do they scare me or make me anxious!

I will definitely stay in touch and let you how things are going.

And yes, I’m going to bed very shortly!

Take care,

*Relationship testimonials

We were on the verge of divorce when we came to see you. In 2 sessions you allowed us to make a decision to stay together and we did, with your help, we have managed to turn things around. We will always remember you.

Lauretta: I believe you have a gift: you are able to get to the root of things and give people the tools to move away from the problem. Thank you

We came to see you after the birth of our daughter: things were hard and we were strruggling to understand each other. You sorted that out: made things clear and helped us get through in just 3 sessions. Well worth the month. Thank Lauret

*Habit testimonials

The power of the mind is incredible, we just need to know how to unleash it, with just one session of NLP with Lauretta I was able to give up a long life fascination of biting my nails. 5 years on and those days of biting my nails to the skin are long gone…  Micheal

*IVF testimonials

I saw you a few years ago for support going through infertility. The mind body techniques you taught me has stayed with me all this time and I’m delighted to say we are pregnant with our second child! Im sending you pictures.. thank you.

I felt hopeless and helpless about my situation and reached out for help. Thank goodness I found you. You really understood me as you have been through this. You also know how to support and offer help that allows people to help themselves. I believe that I was stressed before i saw you and when I sorted this out, I got pregnant and am now 5 weeks! Can I see you again!?

This program really helped me feel in control at a time I felt out of control. I dont care so much now if I conceive or not, Ive learnt so much from you. Thanks lauretta W.

*Smoking testimonials

Having tried other methods of giving up smoking unsuccessfully, I cant recommend Lauretta’s approach enough. It was as easy as pie. I experienced no cravings whatsoever and instead enjoyed the experience of being a non-smoker. My smoking revolved around my social life but this remained unaffected, and if anything benefitted, as I wasn’t spending half my time outside smoking. At work, I no longer feel self-concisions about the smell of cigarettes on my clothes or my breath. I can’t recommend Lauretta enough…. Matt

I stopped smoking after just 2 hours with you. I didnt think it wold happen. It did. Its been a year already and Im healtheir, happier and fitter, I even have a new relationship and I really believe it is because of the confidence you gave me.

I sent you my husband as he wanted to stop smoking but nothing had worked. You did. In just 1 session he stopped and has never felt like smoking again. extraordinary. Everyone should see you!

*Weight loss testimonials

I’ve been doing the 3 smaller meals plus 2 planned snacks throughout the day, and I’ve felt so much better for it. There’s no longer all this conflict in my mind and my body is grateful to be having smaller meals throughout the day. I’ve also felt more confident and have been more motivated at work which is brilliant! … Nathalie

I cant tell you what a difference this program has made to my life. I feel compelled to do the new habits and patterns and just dont want to do anything else. Im also revolted by chocolate now. Thank you.

Lauret: I’m exercising and enjoying it: Im happy with the food im eating. I feel more alive than I have for a long time. Thank you.

What can I say! I have lost the weight I want and feel great with it! I don’t know what you do but it works. I am telling everyone about you!… Hilda

*Relationship testimonials

I thought long and hard about getting counselling for my husband and I. I felt like a failure until coming to see you which changed our relationship and lives forever. We can never feel the same way again, in a good way! Your approach is so effective I would recommend everyone come along to see you! We all have things we should change! After seeing you for relationship counselling, I did your weight program and wow the results have been grand. I am so happy and take your cards with me and hand them out like a messenger of a new amazing religion!! Thank you Lauret!… Ann and Peter McMorrow

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